You would like to further the objectives of the Eugen Biser Foundation?
Then please support us! We would be grateful.

There are many ways to support the activities of the Eugen Biser Foundation. Our personnel and financial resources are limited. We can effectively carry out our mission with your help.

You are welcome to contact Marianne Köster or Stefan Zinsmeister. Thank you for your interest in supporting our work.


Individual donations online

Would you like to contribute towards our plans for the future of Christianity and interreligious dialogue by means of a single donation?
» Click here for information on the bank account.

Project-based donations

Would you like to contribute to a particular project? Then make a donation for a project of your choice! Upon request, you will be provided with a report on the impact and development of the project you have helped to fund. Click here for a thematic overview of our topics. Feel free to ask us about our current projects.
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A special occasion

Fortunately, there are many occasions that call for a celebration: a wedding, a birthday or a service anniversary. All of these are a cause for joy – a joy your guests can pass along to the Eugen Biser Foundation and its projects for peaceful coexistence in lieu of gifts. Upon request, you will be provided with a report on the impact and development of the project you and your guests have helped to fund.
» Here is the link to the banking information.

Endowments and bequests

If you want to donate a legacy that will provide a portion of your assets for the benefit of a purpose that the Eugen Biser Foundation effectively works to promote, then you are encouraged to contact Marianne Köster for a consultation in confidence and without obligation.

Establishing a sheltered foundation

Every major donor has the option of establishing a sheltered foundation bearing his or her name. The purpose of such a foundation would be to use its income or, on an instalment basis, its capital, towards the promotion of the activities of the Eugen Biser Foundation. At the donor's request, his or her sheltered foundation could be set up and managed by the Eugen Biser Foundation. Any queries you may have will gladly be answered by our Managing Member of the Board of Trustees, attorney Dr. Heiner Köster.


Some of our projects devoted to Christian-Islamic dialogue have been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and the European Integration Fund (EIF). Public funding, however, must always be supplemented by private donations, because public funding only covers one, albeit substantial, portion of the cost of a project.
If you would like further information or would like to bring funding opportunities to our attention, you are kindly requested to call Marianne Köster or Stefan Zinsmeister.

Become a member of the Association of Friends

As a member of the Association of the Friends of the Eugen Biser Foundation, you can help provide ongoing and long-term support for the activities of the Foundation through your membership fees and gifts made on special occasions. The Foundation will gladly organize lectures, religious services, excursions and exhibitions for your friends.
» Click here to navigate directly to the application form (in German language).

Fines in criminal proceedings

Are you a judge or a prosecutor? Taking the non-profit Eugen Biser Foundation into consideration in the imposition of finds would be an important contribution towards the work of the Foundation. The Eugen Biser Foundation is entered in the national list of the Higher Regional Court of Munich; it has the database number 7788.



For some of our events we can offer well-placed sponsoring to suit your business. Some of our events (in German language) are particularly well-suited for this purpose. Your commitment and our expertise – creating added value for you, for us and for society.
You seek additional information or have a concrete event in mind? You are welcome to contact Stefan Zinsmeister.


You would like to give us the benefit of your time or your expertise and experience? Whether for events or in administration: we look forward to your involvement. You are kindly requested to contact Angela Stüber.

Requests and getting people talking

Our speakers and experts can be invited to a lecture, a conference or a publication. If we have convinced you of the importance and quality of our work, we encourage you to recommend us to others as a potential contact and cooperation partner for questions on interreligious and intercultural dialogue and on the future of Christianity.



We say thank you.

The members of the Eugen Biser Foundation want to thank you for the trust you have placed in the Foundation through your financial support, your membership in the Association of Friends or your volunteer work. In this way, you are helping the Eugen Biser Foundation fulfil its statutory responsibilities and contribute to a peaceful coexistence in our society.
To play a diversified role in scholarship and education, in addition to the commitment of active volunteer members of the Association of Friends, we also specifically require full-time employees in our office in Munich. Your donation helps the Eugen Biser Foundation continue to perform and intensify its socially relevant work through events and publications (mostly in German language).