What do we stand for?

The Eugen Biser Foundation directs its gaze at the future of Christianity and the necessity of interreligious and intercultural understanding. It seeks responses to pressing religious, social and cultural questions.
In this, it intends to contribute from a Christian perspective and to set the tone for peaceful coexistence in a pluralistic, free and democratic society. Its commitment is rooted in the fundamental Christian values of human dignity, freedom and tolerance.
The Foundation is involved in activities on a nationwide basis. It is a non-profit, independent organisation.

Aims and objectives
Scholarship-based and practice-oriented, the Foundation has made it its mission

The theological work of Eugen Biser serves as the basis and inspiration for the Foundation's work. At irregular intervals, the Foundation also presents the Eugen Biser Award.


The Eugen Biser Foundation was founded in Munich in 2002 by Eugen Biser and several of his friends and contemporaries. Today, numerous institutions and institutions are involved in helping the Foundation realise its aims:

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Are there any questions still unanswered?
You will find more answers here in summary form (FAQ). Feel free to consult the Charter as well.
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