Biography and Work of Eugen Biser

Eugen Biser – a theologian, philosopher of religion and priest – was chairholder for Christian Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. As an author and speaker, he reached people of all age groups and walks of life.
Eugen Biser understood the Christian message as an encouragement for people to organize their lives openly and freely with a view to the future. He developed his theology in view of the challenges of the time.

These are the topics at the centre of his work:

  • the reality of life and the basic existential questions of humankind
  • healing life-inhibiting fears through faith in an unconditionally loving God
  • overcoming the crisis of faith and forgetfulness of God
  • the effort to bring peace to the world through peace between denominations and religions
  • the work of the spirit of God in literature, the fine arts and music.

The work of Eugen Biser points the way to the future. The Foundation's mission is to make this work accessible, creatively cultivating and disseminating it. This mission is also supported by the Eugen-Biser Chair for Religious and Subject Philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy in Munich and the Association of the Friends of the Eugen Biser Foundation.


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