Dialogue from a Christian Origin

Dialogue from a Christian Origin means the Christian understanding of values and the world that forms the basis of the Eugen Biser Foundation, encouraging dialogue with people of other denominations, other faiths or other worldviews.


Dialogue with Judaism

We are of the opinion that a willingness to appreciate the intrinsic value of Jewish faith and life must be encouraged, and that this can provide inspiration for a deepening of our own faith.
As a religion of love, Christianity emerged from God's proclamation to the Jewish people. This makes it a history of obligation in two senses of the term, a history that, for millennia, has been devalued and pursued in the name of Jesus Christ. To counter this devaluation, the Foundation makes an effort to uncover particularly the theological roots of the misunderstandings.
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Dialogue with Islam

Our goal is for Christians and Muslims, each working from the roots of their own religions, to dedicate themselves to the unconditional recognition of and adherence to human dignity and religious freedom. We consider this critical to the global future of humankind.
For Christians, the self-revelation of God is deemed complete with Jesus Christ and the New Testament. As a result, the encounter with Islam – as a religion of revelation that came into being after the time of Jesus Christ – was always a difficult one. In order not to repeat misunderstandings, alienation and escalations of violence in the shared Christian-Muslim history, in our dialogue activities in science and education, we make an effort to acknowledge and respect Islam from the basis of its own self-understanding.
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Dialogue with Other Worldviews

It is a fact that ever-growing ranks of people in this country no longer gain their value orientation directly from religious sources. In view of the progressive trend away from the Church and towards secularisation, Eugen Biser coined the expressive image of a 'homeless God'.
Social coexistence based on recognition of human dignity and rights of freedom is possible only if believers and non-believers agree on these basic principles and their meaning. That is what we stand for.
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