Future of Christianity

Christianity originated two millennia ago in a setting that is fundamentally different from the reality of life we know today. Nevertheless, Christians experience the core of their faith as the living foundation of their lives: An unconditionally loving God bestows dignity and future upon each and every one of us, even if inner-worldly opportunities have come to an end. 'Future of Christianity' means that although this core message for a humane life abides, it must also be updated in contemporary times.

Therefore, we have a focus on these three core topics:


Fundamental Questions of Christian Existence

Christianity means the concrete reality of life of each and every individual, and not primarily doctrine or morality – that is the theological approach of Eugen Biser. To be a Christian is to lead one's life in faith in an unconditionally loving God. By doing this, people can overcome their fears in life and open themselves to the opportunities that freedom presents.

This has far-reaching consequences for the relationships people have with God, with the community and with themselves. The aim of Christian existence is to experience the freedom that comes with being a child of God. We delve into these questions and challenges through events, conferences and publications.

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Church – Idea and Reality

Today there is a great deal of discussion of a crisis of the Church, or a crisis of God. The present situation of the Church can be explained as a result of problems inherent to the system. As a consequence: Christianity must – in theory and practice – reorient itself around the person of Jesus Christ and His message.
In events and publications, the Foundation helps frame this requirement, in view of the question: If a community views itself as a 'community of the children of God', how must that community – and the fulfilment of life for its members – be structured?
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Schisms are not just an unintelligible annoyance but also a failure to answer religion's own call, a call that stems from Jesus Christ, to reconciliation and unity. Plurality must not prevent us from understanding ourselves as the one Church.
The Christian creed has been handed down in a variety of historical communities, each with a specific way of practising theology, receiving the sacraments and living spiritually. How to achieve unification of the Christian denominations – without abandoning the valuable inspirations of the identities that have developed and the wealth of these embodiments of Christianity – remains a key challenge for the future of Christianity.
We accept the challenge of ecumenism and strive to contribute to it.
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